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Vantage Point, Mill Creek
Building Envelope Investigation (invasive)

Vantage Point

A six building, 96-unit condominium complex experiencing significant moisture intrusion problems. We performed a comprehensive building envelope investigation on all buildings. This included an infrared evaluation of the exteriors, followed up by targeted invasive investigation into a dozen areas of the building envelopes. We provided the Association with a complete report with photo-documentation of our findings with recommendations for remediation.



Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Our home inspections are conducted by both a licensed Washington State Home Inspector and a Professional Engineer.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a home, a home inspection may save you lots of money and heartache. Home inspections, when conducted by the right individual, can shed light on problems that may not be obvious to the average homeowner (or even inspector).

For home buyers, becoming educated about exactly what you are buying and the condition it truly is in could mean the difference between happy homeownership and an unpleasant experience. A diligent home inspection could also be a tool for negotiating a lower purchase price. Consult with your real estate agent about inspections. They will likely advise you of their importance. Both new homes and old can benefit.

Many organizations focus on serving residential or commercial markets exclusively. Very few do both. The truth is that basic fundamentals of building construction and structural integrity apply to both and it's a matter of scale between the two. We enjoy residential inspections and choose to make them a core part of our business model.

Our home inspections are very different than most of our competitors in that they are all custom narrative reports about the individual home, rather than a checklist or a cookie-cutter report about houses in general. Benefits include:

  • A customized written report about all aspects of your property (not a check-box / fill-in-the-blank list).
  • Integrated color photos explaining important features or defects.
  • A prioritized list of items needing attention.
  • A realistic, understandable approach with actionable results.

All inspections are conducted by a Professional Engineer (which requires extensive experience and testing) as well as a licensed Washington State Home Inspector.

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