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Vantage Point, Mill Creek
Building Envelope Investigation (invasive)

Vantage Point

A six building, 96-unit condominium complex experiencing significant moisture intrusion problems. We performed a comprehensive building envelope investigation on all buildings. This included an infrared evaluation of the exteriors, followed up by targeted invasive investigation into a dozen areas of the building envelopes. We provided the Association with a complete report with photo-documentation of our findings with recommendations for remediation.



Owner's Representative Project Management

Project Management (as an Owner's Representative)

Hiring an Owner's Representative Project Manager is a growing trend for construction projects -- particularly with today's uncertain market -- because of its potential for large cost savings. For larger construction projects, it is a middle ground between a property owner or manager hiring all of their own contractors, and hiring an expensive General Contractor.

Owner's Representatives will prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP's), solicit qualified contractors for specific scopes of work, and project manage the process; all on behalf of (and with the oversight of) the owner.

Clients frequently ask us for these services after working with us conducting a Reserve Study, Commercial Building Inspection, Property Condition Assessment or related service. It is a natural progression given that these studies often reveal an immediate need for repairs.

We have a group of preferred, skilled, and fully licensed contractors that we solicit RFPs from on a regular basis. In many different trades, this group is constantly being refined based on continued performance and integrity. With our combination of in depth building knowledge and network of top notch contractors, we are a smart option for project-ready owners with tight budgets.

Contact us to find out more about our project management services and to see if we are a good fit for the project you are considering.

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