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Vantage Point, Mill Creek
Building Envelope Investigation (invasive)

Vantage Point

A six building, 96-unit condominium complex experiencing significant moisture intrusion problems. We performed a comprehensive building envelope investigation on all buildings. This included an infrared evaluation of the exteriors, followed up by targeted invasive investigation into a dozen areas of the building envelopes. We provided the Association with a complete report with photo-documentation of our findings with recommendations for remediation.



Capital Needs Assessments

Capital Needs Assessments (CNA)
Physical Needs Assessments (PNA)

A Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) is exactly as it sounds: a reporting tool that assesses capital needs (now and into the future). Commercial real estate investors frequently find it necessary to have financial planning tools that anticipate and plan for large capital maintenance expenses. It is common for 5, 10, 15, 20, and even 30-year assessments to be made.

Building owners can expect to learn realistic and timely information about their specific building(s), building systems and component life cycles; as well as the total cost of ownership over the life of a building loan or other defined period of time. CNA's are helpful tools for newly constructed buildings, historic buildings, and everything in between.

Physical Needs Assessments (PNA's) are formal inspections governed by Fannie Mae and HUD lending guidelines and your lender may require specific forms to be completed. The PNA is an evaluation of a property in terms of existing physical condition, future physical needs, and the estimated timeline and cost of the replacement of systems and components. All of our Physical Needs Assessments are backed by a comprehensive, narrative report of our findings, similar to our standard Commercial Building Inspections.

Additional building inspection services include:

Long term financial planning for building owners and managers is a core strength for our business. Large buildings and complexes often require an extended team of experts evaluating specific components, and JS&A excels at managing them.

We are uniquely qualified, experienced individuals in this capacity. All of our assessments are performed by a licensed Professional Engineer and an accredited Reserve Specialist.

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